Thursday, December 30, 2010

Where has this year gone?

I cannot believe 2011 is two days away... where has the time gone? This year had its good a bad moments:

                                                         January- GOT ENGAGED :)

My Bridal Shower :)

me and my niece KK :)


                     February- I got married on the 14th (the happiest day of my life, 
                                     even though we got married in a

March- I moved from Sweet Home Alabama to Fort Hood was that a big change..I was homesick for most of the year never in years would I think that I would miss back "home"! 

Civilian Girl becomes Army Wife :) 

                                         April-  Me and my side of the family went to San Diego CA                                     
                                               to see my older brother before he left to go over seas.

my first plane ride..

my family joey, my mom, dad,me, and alisha missing my little brother brandon he seems to always hide

me, mom, joey, and my dad.


YAY :) 

                             I talked my hubby into getting a puppy and found my sweet miss Swayze     
              (dapple daschund) on craigslist but couldn't get her until May when she turned 6 weeks!  


My hubby turned 23 on the 8th.. and we had him a big birthday party, i had to make it funny so i made a penis cake, and got these cute hats that said happy f-ing birthday! 
he started celebrating early..haha

swayze and the happy f'n b-day hats :)

his cake.hehe :)

Got all my hair cut off :(

June- I honestly don't even remember June and what we my brother went over seas to are some pics 

July- We took leave and went back to Alabama to spend the 4th of July.

We shot fireworks at Danny's parents house..I didn't take pics so i stole some from google :)

August- MY BIRTHDAY.. worst birthday ever it ended up with everyone getting food poisoned at my birthday party.. and then we
went on a marriage retreat to Lakeway, TX.
AND my older brother being injured over in Afghanistan I really didn't like this month :(

us at the resort on a boat tour of Lakeway the best part of the month :)

My brother got shot in the head the kevlar saved his life:
he suffered a bad concussion, is now colored blind, bad migranes, and dizziness :(

September: another bad month..found out i was pregnant, at week 5 almost 6 went through my second miscarriage of the year..very hard time caused a lot of stress on our marriage almost went through a divorce and moved back to alabama for awhile to be seperated :(

the good part we went to sea world 

September- November: ALABAMA

not gonna share these months..too hard of times

Decemeber- Me and my husband worked everything out and i am now back in texas and everything is amazing :)

better than ever :)

we went to see dane cook and extreme makeover home edition was there in support of the troops and the ones who lost their loved ones in the shooting on Fort Hood, TX on Nov. 5th, 2009! 
They built a house for one of the soldiers who was injured, it was great to be apart of that! :)
We also went to the WWE event and concert to benefit all of our troops,
P. Diddy & Trace Adkins were there :))) 

Our first christmas together :)

My Brother received a Purple Heart

This year had its ups and downs, but I learned from the mistakes I made and cant wait to start of a brand new year in 2011.

Sorry its so long but I hope yall enjoy :)


  1. Hey Courtney! :) I really enjoyed reading about your last year and I think its really neat how you shared so much! :)

  2. thank you..i needed to get it out! this year was very i spilt everything to leave all the bad there and start this new year fresh :)

  3. Wow, yeah, good for you... You got balls, girl! Lol. I dont think I want to share everything that has happened this year... Hehe but maybe some of it :)