Sunday, May 1, 2011

im gonna kick its a**

Its been a week since I quit smoking, and omg I never knew it was gonna be this hard I quit a few times before but those I planned and failed! This one I didn't plan whatsoever and had no reason why I would want too! But that was until I had my scary trip to the er not being able to breathe! I realized from there I needed to quit for my sake, my health and future! I don't wanna have to relay on oxygen or anything to keep me alive! I even say what it did to my grandpa and how he is fighting for his life and yet I still did it, thinking that won't happen to me! 

So I quit last sunday, 7 days and its hard I havent had a full cigarette in 7 whole days, I cant lie I had a hit or two off of one last night (bad I know), I was drinking and I know thats not an excuse at all, but thats how I started smoking only when I drank and then it turned out I had to have one everyday, addiction is a bitch and the hardest thing to break habit of! So I came up with a plan to help and hopefully stick with it! I need a new car and I need to start saving, so I was thinking the money that use to buy cigarettes
can go to my car and start saving that way I am horrible at saving money! But I am so use to not having that extra money so I shouldn't miss it! I usually smoked a pack in about 2-3 days, unless I was drinking then I can smoke a whole pack in one night! 

saving money for this baby 

2011 Kia Optima Im soooo in love with this car 
and i will give up my nasty habit for this baby any day! 

bad habit beware im bout to kick your ass :) 

Also great news...

Osama Bin Laden
is DEAD! 


  1. I have been trying to quit for awhile and never really succeeded. It wasn't until I got really sick and had an asthma attack that I decided that it was about time that I quit. That lasted about a week, maybe a week and a half. I had dinner with some friends and we were drinking wine. That was my downfall. I usually smoke a lot when I'm driving, it's pretty bad. My car might as well be an ashtray at a bar, that's how bad it smells.

  2. Hey girl! Just wanted to let you know your pearly blogger feature is up today!