Wednesday, May 4, 2011

what im loving :)

I am linking up again with "This Kind of Love"
doing What im loving Wednesday. :)

im loving... that today was my day off, and I got half of my to-do list done which is way better than I thought I would because I declared today a lazy day! ha.

im loving... my sisters wedding is in 17 days and my brother got her a limo :)

im loving... the tanning bed so I dont have to be a ghost for my sisters wedding 

im loving... this new lamp i got for only 10 bucks

im loving... My transcripts finally came in from my old college, so I can go apply to my new one tomorrow and register for summer classes..

im loving... that I got my income taxes came in so I had a little shopping spree and got the cutest clothes and beach tote and this new camera all on sale :) 

im loving... this game on my phone paradise island.. ha. im such a nerd! 

im loving..this sweet tooth that has came into my life lately but im surely not gonna be loving it if it shows up on my ass

& last but not least 

im loving.. my life, and my sweet boyfriend, and all my new followers :) 

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